PR is forming strategic partnerships with like-minded companies. We are expanding our clientele and looking for good construction managers to work with. PR Construction has been in business over 26 years, completed over 5,000 commercial jobs with 95% of them on time and 97% of them on budget.

What concerns and issues have you had in the past? What are your goals and accountability needs? What are you held responsible for? What are your needs and how can we help you? Typical project issues we see are budgets, schedules, logistics or procurement problems.

PR Offers these Features and Benefits to Resolve those Issues:

Value Engineering - We give Value by either improving the Function or Reduce the cost without sacrificing the quality.

Project Staging - Procuring long lead items ahead of time and having materials, equipment, temporary facilities and sub-contractors onsite when you need them equates to high production efficiency. Simply put, planning each project ahead of time reduces time delays.

Warehousing - We accept deliveries of materials & equipment, store, stage and deliver to the site when needed.

In-House Procurement - We handle the communication, coordination and delivery of materials and equipment to the project site.

Our Experience - Reduces errors, delays and cost to you.

Safety Program - PR's in-place safety program minimizes our exposure.